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Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc. is proud to announce our expansion to our new office in Tacoma, Washington.

After serving the Northwest and beyond from our Portland location for almost five decades, we have committed
to dedicate our resources to better serve the greater Puget Sound region.  

Our Portland and Tacoma offices will continue to serve our clients with our robust resources of Principals,
Managers and Staff to the same quality and service that has made us successful for almost 50 years.


Providing engineering advice, design and consulting services
throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world

Serving public and private clients in a wide variety of projects


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Featured Projects


Newport Concrete Merchant Ship Salvage

Newport, OR


Client: Port of Newport

This very unique project was brought to us by a Contractor client who had been tasked with performing environmental remediation and removal of two concrete hulled ships intentionally sunk by the Port in the late 1940’s. 

The two ships were World War II era concrete hulled Merchant Marine vessels constructed in 1944 and 1945 as part of specially designed fleet of 24 ships, the theory at the time being that steel was at such a premium during the war that concrete could be used instead.  After the war the War Department sold the remaining vessels to various buyers, one of which was the Port of Newport. 

The Port purchased the ships and sank them in Yaquina Bay to act as mooring bulkheads.  Better than 50 years later, new designs and ideas called for replacement berths and called for removal.  Peterson Structural Engineers was engaged to perform phased designs for systematic environmental cleanup of both vessels.  To do this, the individual holds and chambers of the vessels had to be fully drained and emptied of contaminated ballast.  However, the ships had to stay in their sunken position in order to maintain stability during cleanup operations. 

PSE wrote an inverse buoyancy program which allowed individual chambers to be fully cleaned in a dry condition while maintaining negative buoyancy.  During the cleanup the ship’s hulls underwent continuously changing stress locations based on ballast/buoyancy changes, so PSE also performed an extensive hull stress evaluation to insure the hull didn’t crack or break during operations.   The project represented a unique challenge for our firm and was regarded as a huge success.


McMillin Reservoir

Tacoma, WA


Reservoir Design, (2) 33.0 Million Gallon

Client: Tacoma Public Utilities

Peterson Structural Engineers was awarded a landmark project in Tacoma, Washington for the structural design of the two McMillin 33.0 Million Gallon prestressed concrete reservoirs.

The largest diameter water reservoirs constructed at the date of completion, they are each 485 feet in diameter. The base isolated tanks are prestressed with four layers of strand wrapping totaling over 300 miles. Each reservoir has a total of 332 columns. Combined, they have over 17 acres of floor and roof slabs.

PSE has completed structural design documents and construction services for this project, working closely with members of the project team to insure the right balance of economy and constructibility of design. Construction, filling and leak testing of both reservoirs was successfully completed in 2011.


Willamette Falls Fishway
Foundation Repair

West Linn, OR


Waterfront Structure Evaluation and Upgrade

Client: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

PSE’s involvement in this project for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has extended for two decades.

It began in 1991 with the upgrading of a 30-year old fish ladder complex at Willamette Falls in West Linn, including the repair and upgrade of existing elements as well as the design of additional new structures. Following the floods of February 1996, the focus of the project expanded to inspect the damage to the fishway, study the potential for future flood damage and design for those anticipated conditions.

The investigation continued in 2009 when ODFW determined that additional damage had occured to the concrete structure and that an updated evaluation of the fishway was necessary. PSE entered into a competitive proposal process and was awarded the opportunity to lead the design team in the structural analysis and repair of the fishway.

The first phase of the project involved field investigations and evaluation of the foundation to determine the cause of the damage. Portions of the fishway had experienced undermining, causing the structure to shift, joints to expand, and concrete to crack. It was recommended that emergency repairs be installed before the high water season to mitigate the risk of complete structural failure. After the temporary repairs were in place, instrumentation was installed to monitor the water levels and temperatures and any corresponding movement in the structure. The data collected will assist in the following phase of the project, which consists of the design for permanent repairs to the fishway.





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